Rites of passage and initiation have been part of human history for many millennia. The Rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiation practices followed by the shamans from the Andes and Amazon.

The 10-step initiation process will give you access to tools locked inside your own body. By clearing your luminous field (also known as your light body or your aura), you'll learn to heal the wounds of your past and reclaim your personal power.

Each rite builds on the ones before, allowing you a deeper understanding of your own unique gifts so that you can release blame, guilt, shame, and doubt to experience peace and tranquility.

The rites are also referred to as energetic “seeds’ or “codes'' that help heal the wounds of the past. They assist in realigning and attuning your own neuro-pathways to activate a new consciousness down to the core level, enabling you to shift your life into a much more gratifying existence.


Learn the 10 steps to becoming an Earth keeper

Develop a new approach to well-being from an emotional, spiritual, and energetic standpoint

Uncover a range of energetic tools and methods for overcoming negative emotions

Shed and diminish limiting beliefs and barriers that keep you “stuck” in your life

Discover how to live with intention and in alignment of your goals, rather than reacting to things that come your way

Create an new YOU who is energetically lighter, has clarity on their goals, sleeps better, and feels confident

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Healers come from all walks of life: massage therapists, doctors, dentists, parents, teachers and more. All will benefit from these teachings. Join the legion of Earth keepers who were once ordinary people just like you

They delved into the study of the Munay-Ki and developed grace and power through the pursuit of these rites.

You have been called here because you long to create a better world, for yourself, your loved ones, and beyond.

By entering this path, you will join all the others who came before. With an open heart and genuine intentions, you will soon attract the company of others who also endeavor to become extraordinary Earth keepers.

About Rosalba Fontanez, Shamanic Practitioner

Over the past 15 years I’ve trained in various energetic disciplines including hypnotherapy, crystal therapy, Reiki, and more. My passion and focus lies with the Ancestral Andean teachings.

I'm in deep gratitude and great appreciation to all that's Divine and to all my mentors, teachers and guides—in all realities—along the journey.

I'm thankful, especially, to all the medicine men and women of the Andes, whose tradition taught me to be in harmony with all life, through love, service and wisdom.

The ancestral medicine of the Andes has produced profound results for me and my clients. It has given us the opportunity to open our hearts and know self-love, owning who we are, allowing our authenticity to shine, and bringing healing to the world. I am proof that we can create the lives we desire and do the work we are meant to do in this life.