Feeling Disconnected?

Are you feeling apprehension building inside of you?

Do you sense like you're ready to come apart?

Want to learn how to finally liberate yourself from the stronghold of nervousness and anxiety?

Do you ever feel like you want to do everything right when it comes to taking care of yourself, but you don't know how?

Or worse, don't have the resources or tools to do it?

It's SO Exasperating, Right?

Well, it turns out you might be making one of these 3 well-intentioned by naïve mistakes, especially when your past conditioning prompts you to:

  • put other's needs before yours
  • avoid setting boundaries
  • forget your own priorities

Find Stability, Grounding, and Serenity

We're all in search of feeling relaxed and free of stress.

Are you ready to move forward—to change your old habits, once and for all?

You can birth yourself into a whole new version of yourself. One that isn't tied to your old bad habits.

Connect to your Authentic Self!

By Building a Personal Altar You Can

  • Provide a sacred space to reflect on your priorities
  • Fill a space with your own unique, personal, creative, and spiritual energy
  • Explore your creativity, desires, dreams, and will
  • Express your imagination and intuition
  • Let go of expectations, if only for a moment
  • Show up exactly as you are
  • Face your fears head on
  • Express gratitude and honor yourself
  • Meditate and ask for guidance

And SO MUCH more

Yvonne S.

I learned to create a Personal Altar for self-care and self-love.  My altar is where I come to meditate, as it brings calmness, serenity, clarity, and inner peace; it refreshes the energy of my soul. Having a Personal Altar helps me stay balanced and grounded...A Personal Altar is my special place for regeneration and dreams.

Sylvia G.

[This] was an AMAZING experience for me. I learned the importance of a Personal Altar as well as ways to honor and reconnect with myself through having my Personal Altar dedicated to myself.

Patty R.

I built my altar inside my closet...My altar has pictures, cards, notes, crystals, and special gifts to me...My altar is sacred just standing in front and praying in front of it, is peaceful to me.

What's Inside?

Inside this workshop you will find a 15-page guide and workbook to creating and using your own personal altar:

  • Learn the keys to choosing a sacred space
  • The importance of intentions
  • Create a ritual of your own to connect with your altar
  • What steps to take to relieving yourself of burdens
  • How to transform your burden into the stability and serenity you seek

You will also receive 2 separate checklists:

  1. The building blocks of your altar
  2. The easy steps for communing

The workbook also has a companion guided meditation and audio instructions for creating your altar.


Still have questions?

Do I need to be religious to create an altar?

No. While your religious upbringing may inform what your altar ultimately looks like, a personal altar will reflect your individual spirituality .

I'm not religious at all. Can I still create an altar?

Absolutely. An altar is has been used by peoples from all cultures and all practices since the beginning of time. Your altar is for your own personal connection to yourself.

I live in a small place. Will this require a lot of space?

Your altar can be as large or as small as you want it to be. The only limits are your imagination.

Does building an altar cost money?

An altar is extremely personal. If you feel called to adorn it with expensive baubles, that's your choice. But that's not required.

Will creating an altar take a lot of time?

Your altar will only take as much time as you have to give to it.

Can I make copies for friends?

I trust you understand and have the integrity to respect Intellectual Property. No copies to be made other than one for yourself. I appreciate you sharing the link with your community, friends, and family to obtain my workbook.