Tired of BAD advice?

People will give you all kinds of unsolicited and even shitty guidance.

I'm here to tell you that it's mostly bullshit. Sure, it makes THEM feel better, but what about YOU?

I'll give you the good shit—the REAL shit—I wish someone had told me.

It's the kind of advice you need when you realize you've kind of been lied to: maybe you're not as smart as everyone always said.

Or when you feel like all your friends are getting jobs and making more money than you.

Or are are having a hard time picking a career path.

It's the stuff that makes real life a little less scary. This is your roadmap to the next few years of your life.


There are 5 major lessons covering 20+ years of experience from my own rollercoaster ride after 18, in a super condensed format.

Designed to make you kick life in the face, this includes the truth about:

  1. failure and self-identity
  2. money and credit
  3. decision making
  4. measuring real success
  5. what love is, really

And a bonus lesson: bursting your bubble like the badass you are meant to be.

Plus it written in plain English. Because if what you want is Oh the Places You'll Go, this ain't it.


Still have questions? Maybe this will help:

I don't like all this cussing. Can I get a PG version?

No. Welcome to the real world. People say bad words here.

I already own the whole book, do I need this?

This is a great complement to the full book. Like a quick recap.

I'm not going to college, is this still for me?

Yes. College isn't for everyone. You're still going to have a lot of the same experiences. Might as well have a mini-road map for it, right?

I already received Oh the Places You'll Go. Do I need to read this too?

Yes. I received that book when I graduated from high school too. It has 0 advice for the real world. Grab this and enjoy a much faster read.

I'm not a young adult anymore, will this make sense for me?

Yes! This cheat sheet is really for ANYONE in a transitional stage of life. Because it's full of universal truths we all (eventually) learn. It's a handy reminder!

What will I gain from reading this?

Life can really suck sometimes. Be better prepared for what it's about to throw at you and make it suck a lot less.